Rebecca Dettman has recorded over 260 hours of free audio to assist women in self-growth and actualisation.

Rebecca’s first show, Love Life (2014 – 2016) was co-hosted with Jane Donovan and is a good basic start for women who wish to explore their emotional blocks. You can find the entire archives here (where Rebecca co-hosts episodes 1-200), but some of the most popular episodes cover: Fear & Anxiety, Cancer, Shadow Work, Attracting Drama, Meditation, Guilt-Free Boundaries, Self-Love, Highly Sensitive People, Self-Acceptance, Perfectionism, Life Purpose, Personal Power, Vulnerability, Self-Worth, Abuse, healing Emotional Blocks, Inner Child work, Addiction, Self Sabotage and Past Lives & Soul Families.

Her second (solo) show, Soul Doctor (2016 – 2018) was like ‘spiritual university’ for awakened souls who wanted to delve deeper into Mysteries, myths and magic. The show has been downloaded over 170,000 times worldwide! You can find the entire archives here, but the episodes which most relate to women’s healing are: Goddess Wounds, Sacred Prostitutes, The Divine Feminine, Yoni Power, Sex Magick, Womb Worship, Conscious Breath, Sacred Sex Secrets, Soul Disconnection, The Truth About Healing, Moon Madness, How to be a Priestess, Introduction to Tantra, Wytchcraft & Paganism.