Understanding Womyn’s emotions, body and womb through the seasons

Womyn has been ‘sound asleep’ for millennia.

Like crocuses pushing up through the snow in springtime, her Powers are now awakening.

“Being” Feminine (yin) in its purest form is a lost, ancient teaching,
which many of us are struggling to re-remember.

Yin energy moves in circles. Most modern females track their monthly cycle.
However, Womyn also circles through larger seasonal and cosmic cycles.

Over the course of 12 months, following the eight Celtic seasons that your great-great-grandmothers once observed, Rebecca Wyldewood will guide you through a rediscovery of what it means to truly LIVE your ‘Yin’.

Candlemas (late winter): CONCEPTION
Ostara (spring equinox): BIRTH
May Day (late spring): MAIDEN
Midsummer (summer solstice): PREGNANCY
Lammas (late summer): MOTHER
Harvest (autumn equinox): AGEING
All Hallow’s (late autumn): CRONE
Yule (winter solstice): DEATH

Each 60min webinar combines beautiful seasonal rituals, guided meditations, history, sacred Mystery teachings and psychic channelling.

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Sacred Circle: 12 months


“I loved loved LOVED every second of this and am already counting the days until the next Sacred Circle! If there is an accreditation higher than High Priestess then surely you have attained it. There was SO much magic around you, it was unbelievable. Thank you for creating what was missing in my life. I cannot wait to worship the seasons with you forever more. Sacred Circle is so special, sacred, nourishing and nurturing. The cards! The channelling! Just so sacred and special.” – Rachel

“This is what I’ve been searching for!! In the past couple of years I have been drawn to celebrating the seasons and have struggled to find quality information. I love connecting with nature and also love to see my children’s reaction to these celebrations.” – Kristy

“I totally relate to having no rituals to lean into; I’ve got Scottish, Irish and Ashkenazi-Jewish in my blood, but no connection to any of it. So much is lost! And how powerful to acknowledge the seasonality of it all. Your Sacred Circle is exactly what the world needs!” – Lucy