Sacred Circle is a healing, nurturing and connecting online portal for women.

Rebecca Dettman has both attended and facilitated women’s circles on-and-off for 20 years. In today’s world, more than ever we are being called to connect in sisterhood to share our stories, emotions, journeys and togetherness. Eight times a year, Rebecca connects women from all over the world in online meet-ups in which she shares her Old European priestess knowledge and psychic insights. Each ‘circle’ is introduced with a theme to help us better connect to the sacred cycles of nature, our wombs and our ancestors. This grounds us into our wisdom, our heritage and the magic of ritual. Participants are welcome to share their experiences and ask questions for deeper understanding. Each session begins and concludes in meditative prayer to send you back into your week with clarity of intention and purpose.

Length: 60 mins
Description: Yule (winter solstice) occurs on the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Its traditional evergreens (ivy, holly, mistletoe) and wreaths represent rebirth and the circle of life. Christmas Eve was called Modranicht (“Mothers’ Night”) in Anglo-Saxon times, and with its themes of hibernating and cocooning, Midwinter is definitely a time for women to slow down, nurture, pamper and rest. Emotional themes: Celebration, merriment, family/community, self-care, sleep, creativity. Archetypes: St Nicholas, St Lucia, Father Christmas, the Holly King. History: Mulled wine, Twelfth Night, ‘kissing bunches’, advent candles, hanging stockings.
This webinar explores how our great-grandmothers ‘worshipped’ the energies of winter solstice — and how re-remembering and aligning ourselves with Yule’s ancient themes helps to support, heal and nurture us as women today.
Date: Sunday 21 June 2020
Time: 4pm AEST
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“I loved loved LOVED every second of this and am already counting the days until the next Sacred Circle! If there is an accreditation higher than High Priestess then surely you have attained it. There was SO much magic around you, it was unbelievable. Thank you for creating what was missing in my life. I cannot wait to worship the seasons with you forever more. Sacred Circle is so special, sacred, nourishing and nurturing. The cards! The channelling! Just so sacred and special.” – Rachel

“This is what I’ve been searching for!! In the past couple of years I have been drawn to celebrating the seasons and have struggled to find quality information. I love connecting with nature and also love to see my children’s reaction to these celebrations.” – Kristy

“I totally relate to having no rituals to lean into; I’ve got Scottish, Irish and Ashkenazi-Jewish in my blood, but no connection to any of it. So much is lost! And how powerful to acknowledge the seasonality of it all. Your Sacred Circle is exactly what the world needs!” – Lucy