Would you like to receive beautiful hand-written, water-coloured letters
in your mailbox – with little gifts tucked inside – eight times a year?

When I was a little girl, one of my favourite things was handwritten letters in stamped envelopes (with pretty stickers, of course!) I’m not sure which I liked better: mailing them or receiving them. That was over thirty years ago, but I still adore filling my old fountain pen with Indian ink and watching it glide across a page, drying by candlelight. I like the thoughtful stillness and ‘slow living’ rhythm that accompanies letters: you make a cup of tea, find a cosy place, take your time composing your letter or reading it (heart-felt feelings!), and then genuinely enjoy the long wait by the mailbox in anticipation.

In our busy daily lives, we often need to be reminded about slowness, connection, nurturing and warmth. Many people mention their desire to ‘detox’ from their phones and screens, but somehow it never quite happens. This letter, then, is my wholesome gift to you: an invitation for quietness, reflection, cosiness and feeling the wonderment of childhood again. Something you can actually open, hold, smell, touch, fold up and keep! It would bring me heart-warming joy to mail you a letter just like this, eight times a year; always handwritten, and always filled with seasonal observances, tidbits of folklore, rituals and recipes, spiritual insights and soul-fulfilling stories. Many of the watercolours will be my own.

For many years now, I have been researching (re-remembering?!) customs associated with the Old English ‘wheel of the year’, which observed eight annual festivals: Candlemas, Ostara, May Day, Midsummer, Lammas, Harvest, All Hallow’s Eve and Yule. On each of these festivals, I wish to send you a seasonal letter containing a small gift to help you celebrate and acknowledge the associated themes and deeper reflections. My hope is that you will look forward to these small rhythmical ‘holydays’ (holidays) and allow yourself a moment of magical, connected Me Time when you sit down and open your personally-addressed envelope.

If what I have created speaks to your heart, and you desire to fully experience the Wishing Well Post, please place your subscription below (and be sure to let me know your postal address!): 

12 months – $333 (8 letters)