With 20 years’ experience, Rebecca is able to swiftly identify recurring patterns, limiting beliefs, subconscious fears and suppressed traumas. She has a number of practical methods and tools to assist clients in shifting deeply ingrained emotional blocks. In addition, her psychic awareness is able to incorporate information regarding soul contracts, soul lessons, past lives, dreams and divine guidance from spirit guides, angels and/or deceased loved ones.

You may wish to bring your own questions, eg:

– How can I create more abundance / love / happiness / success in my life?
– What am I learning from my relationship with my mother / boyfriend / best friend?
– What is my life purpose?
– What are my lessons in this lifetime?
– Who are my spirit guides?
– Are there any emotional blockages I need to release?
– What is the perfect job / career for me?
– How can I best express my creativity?
– How can I achieve inner peace?
– I have recurring health problems / dreams / phobias. What are they telling me?
– What can I learn from my past lives?
– How can I break negative patterns and behaviours in my life?
– What’s one thing the universe would most like me to know?


Rebecca is available in person at selected cafes in and around Adelaide. Interstate and overseas clients can book a session via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom.

Adelaide clients: Use the above booking system to select and pay for your chosen session. I will send you a separate email with a place we can meet in person. International clients: If none of these time-slots practically translate to your time zone, please email me and we’ll sort something out!

By booking a reading, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Once completing your transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to you containing further session details.
  2. You maintain free will at all times. Predictions are never ‘fixed’; you always have the power to change your destiny.
  3. Rebecca is not qualified to diagnose / advise re: physical or mental illnesses. For medical advice, please see a healthcare professional. Likewise, for money advice please speak with your financial advisor.
  4. Although a message may come from a spirit, it is not necessarily ‘true’ or authoritative. Your own gut feeling should take precedence at all times.
  5. Spirits may use metaphors.
  6. Any actions or decisions that you make post-reading are entirely your own responsibility.
  7. All clients’ information remains strictly confidential.
  8. Rescheduling appointments is available upon request, but failure to show up with zero communication will incur a 30% cancellation fee.
  9. Rebecca does not record sessions, however you are welcome to do so (or take notes).


“As a psychic Rebecca’s skill and ability are awesome – her readings are clear and accurate. She’s also able to tap into members of family who have passed or guides who may have life guidance or messages and delivers it in a way which is not confronting and lovely to hear. The way that Rebecca has been able to integrate her psychic ability to life plan and coach is what I truly value and find very unique. I find when you meet with physic’s you are often left thinking how do I apply this knowledge / how do I make changes or what is my plan to get out of the stage of life you are presently in – and can often leave a reading feeling more confused than when you first walked into the reading. With Rebecca this does not happen, you walk into the reading and leave with a plan.
Rebecca is fantastic at checking you are staying true to the path of life which is the right one for your individual journey and is thorough at planning, recommending and strategising what you need to do in the near future to ensure you are working towards your life goals. She also has a great list of other holistic practitioners across Australia whom she is able to recommend to assist with whatever it is you require. For those who are experiencing difficulties in life whether it be anything from grief, facing difficult decisions, going through transition periods, feeling lost and can’t find your life purpose – I couldn’t recommend Rebecca more. The difference she can make is profound.”
Bec, Sydney, 2022

“Rebecca you are a genius and the real deal!!! What an amazing reading you gave me today. I haven’t had such an accurate reading in many years! I feel my spark coming back and the journey has just begun. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”
Juls Rollnik, medieval astrologer, Melbourne

“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday, it was amazing. The information you gave me really took me to a new level of my own growth and awareness.”
Shaun O’Gorman, Live It Up coaching, Brisbane

“I want to acknowledge the fabulous gift you have. Not just from a psychic ability but from an overall energising and inspiring perspective. You make things very clear without glossing over the detail. I love the fact that you deliver such high level spiritual messages but are still so grounded in the realities of the here and now. You helped me see how achievable it is to get to know and understand myself.”
K H, Melbourne

“A wonderful experience. Not only did Rebecca relay what my guides had to show me about my past lives, but she also helped to interpret why I was being shown these things, all while making the whole time we spent together relaxing and meaningful. I hold her in the highest regard and would recommend her to everyone who is interested in really finding out about themselves and where their current life is heading.”
David Eliovson, IT Manager, Sydney

“Rebecca you tell it like it is. You are a fully loaded, soul empowering, sucker punch! I really needed your honesty and direction. Everything you channeled for me resonates with my journey so far. You have given me permission to embrace my WOMAN! I have been so hurt and so hidden in past lives and I now know it’s safe to come out. I’m not there yet, but I see the light.”
Pip Baines, Forensic Scientist, Adelaide

“You’re truly gifted, to be able to have such a profound impact on someone’s life in an hour. Just amazing.”
L B, Adelaide