From the time I was very young, my body held many past life memories. Over the years, the things that make me feel most ‘myself’ were connected to the customs and beliefs of the Old English countryside. I take comfort from seasons, rhythms, cycles, rituals, slowness, connection and soul nurturing, and follow the ancient ‘Wheel of the Year’. I especially love flowers and herbs, candlelight, festival recipes, magical oils, forests, crackling fires, mysterious stones, orchards, nature gods and folklore.

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia and attained degrees in both Professional Writing and History, as well as receiving Adelaide University’s Natalia Davis History Prize. As a journalist, I have worked for many of the world’s largest media companies, including Time Inc, News Ltd, Fairfax and NewsCorp. My national ‘Soul Sistas’ radio show was nominated for an ACRA award, and my ‘Soul Doctor‘ podcast received over 176,000 downloads. My upcoming debut novel The Lavender Queen, based on a true story from Victorian England, is represented by Martin Literary Management.

I am a writer, storyteller and psychic — in this lifetime, plus many others I’m sure! I am a practising pagan and nature worshipper who follows Old English customs. I believe in bringing magic back to earth. I am an advocate for the Divine Feminine in all its forms, particularly natural birth, priestess work and womblore. I live in the Adelaide Hills with my soulmate and two children where I write, daydream, grow herbs and flowers, and run a gingerbread cottage shop.