Wishing Well is a place where the sacred rituals, customs and festivals of Old Europe, the Druids and the Celts are taught once more with a modern focus. In today’s society, people are increasingly feeling a yearning for something, whispering at them deep inside. We are surrounded by so much ‘noise’ — spectacular inventions, AI technology, social media, fast-paced routines, rapid change — and yet our souls crave connection and simplicity. The Western world has a deep fascination with the beliefs of indigenous communities, from Aboriginals to Native Americans. The majority of us, however, hail from white-skinned European backgrounds… and we, like our native friends, have experienced a disconnect with the original teachings of our heritage.

When a tribal witchdoctor or shaman ‘journeys’, they invariably meet animal spirits, nature gods and wise ancestors. When Anglo-Saxon witches and wizards ‘journey’, they interact with European energies that are just as valid: fairies, dwarves, giants, trolls and nature gods (such as the Harvest Queen, Jack Frost, the Green Man and the Holly King – most of whom were long ago relegated to children’s fairy tales). In Wishing Well, you will be reconnected with the wisdom of the great-great-great-grandmother you never knew. She is here once more to teach you how to have a sacred relationship with seasons, cycles, nature, traditions, weather and rhythms… in order to achieve stillness, gratitude, beauty, healing, peace and love.

If you have arrived here at Wishing Well, you are probably sick and tired of…

  • Endlessly scrolling on phones and social media
  • Feeling unsupported and stressed as a mother / wife / woman
  • Being disconnected from nature and your body
  • The frenetic pace of suburban life… where’s the Me Time?

You are yearning for…

  • More genuine beauty in your life
  • Spirituality connected to nature, seasons, flowers and animals
  • Deep self-nurture
  • Peace, rest and stillness
  • Reassurance and healing from your wise ancestors and intuition

In this beautiful sacred grove, you will be guided to slow down, reconnect, nurture and heal deep within your own soul, through the loving wisdom of Old European priestess knowledge.